Feb. 7, 2021

Introduction To NANI

I am Nani. I was never sure of what I would do or if I could do anything at all. I was diagnosed with Depression. Of course I knew that there were others with depression but it had never crossed my mind how many other people could be feeling how I felt. I believe that the common feeling of Depression is feeling alone at least once. I mean even without having depression, everyone has to have felt what it feels like to be alone. My goal is to make you all not feel alone anymore. I want you to know that there are other people that feel exactly the same way that you do. No matter what you are going through there is someone out there that may be battling the same things you are.

This website is going to be used as an outlet. I'm going to post about my experiences, and my feelings, while battling depression. I am also going to post some short stories that I write just for fun. Writing for me is a coping mechanism. Throughout everything that I have learned, I learned new healthy coping mechanisms instead of unhealthy coping mechanisms which I will share. I hope that this could be something that you turn to and that provides you with comfort. Come along with me on this journey. You are worth more then what your mind tells you, you are.