¨Shut up-shut up¨ His voice was hollow. Attempting to stay quiet he says again ¨if you say another word i'll kill you.¨ A female voice emerged from the silence ¨ you won't do anything. You don't have the balls.¨ She giggled ¨All of a sudden you don't know how to listen? Therapy seems to be getting the best of you. Who do you think you are now? You can't do anything for yourself.¨ Henry turned over to her rolling his chair around to make sure she knows that she has his full attention. ¨Say it again.¨ He says louder. She's fiddling with a red marker, tosing it towards him. ¨Or what.¨ She clenched her jaw, and leaned back into the chair she was sitting in. He moved up a bit in his chair to be closer, looking down ¨I'll kill you. Why do you do this? I'm healing I- Im trying.¨ She smirked ¨-and who in their right mind would allow you to think that. You are not healing. Who even says that anymore. You sound like a damn hippy. That's one of the many reasons I would never be able to be in therapy.¨ She leaned forward once more to make sure he was listening and continued. ¨All of that is bs. You aren't trying. That woman is doing everything for you. She doesn't actually care about you, you know that right.¨ Henry stayed silent for a min ¨I do believe that-.¨ She interrupts him laughing ¨you actually believe that she wants to help you? It's her job you ignoramus. She's getting paid to listen to you say anything. She has more patients than just you, therefore what makes you special?¨ She ended the sentence with a smirke. ¨Ÿour silence means that im right.Youre nothing. Especially without me.¨ Henry stands up swiftly grabbing his computer and tosses to her head. He sits back down holding his head between his hands ¨I hate you¨”He says it again, but louder ¨I hate you!¨ There's stomping coming from down the hall, throwing the bedroom door open¨ What are you doing! What did you throw! Henry answered me now.¨ He turned around to face her. The computer was shattered across the floor. The girls voice was now in the corner ¨See, I do control you.¨